What's with all the drama???


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Not since the Lindbergh baby has there been so much drama over someone going missing. 

Glad to see you back.  I was in upstate New York (couple hours south of Ottawa, so really South Canada) for the big ice storm in '97, and I remember how it can get up there.  Glad to hear you're doing ok. 

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5 minutes ago, Llama said:


Ok for real now. What new Festool did you get? :) 


The real problem is that since Shane took a few days off from preaching Festool, we have all quit buying Festool and Festool's stock has fallen through the basement.

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1 hour ago, Lester Burnham said:

Welcome back, Prof. how's that moble shop holding up?

Thanks, Lester ! I got in a little accident with it. I was trying to get around one of my sub contractors brand spanking new f150 and my fender hit the front of his truck. Man, was I embarrassed. I was trying to drive around his truck into a super tight spot. I was sure i had taken the curve wide enough. I have knots in my stomach writing this thinking about how stupid I felt. He was pissed but contained himself. He has been our ceramic installer for the last 8 years. I pulled my fender out and its ok. Wish i could say the same for his truck. The bumper and in think the fender were all scratched up. 

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13 minutes ago, prov163 said:

Sorry to hear about your accident.  On the other hand, if it was a new F150 with the aluminum body you can fix it with a Coke can but why bother, it's just a Ford - LOL.  

Lol!!  Yup, I mean if it was a Tundra then I could understand the guilt. 

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