Stanley Sweetheart knob issue

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Hello All,

Long time lurker, first time poster.

Short story first:  I have a Stanley sweetheart no 4 plan that I like.  Recently, I may have over tightened the knob, which as most may know, controls the opening of the blade.

The overtightening has broken the crew that screws into the front adjustable plate of the plane sole (the sole in front of the blade.  Hence, no knob to hold onto, no adjustable opening for the blade = plane becomes instantly useless.

I do have a low angle jack plane also, and knob swaps nicely, but wouldn't want to do that repeatedly.

I've checked the Stanley website and the sweetheart planes aren't even listed (at least, as far as I've found) in the parts lists.  Looking for sourcing online source for this knob.  Ideally, in Canada (not holding my breath for this).  I don't want to be hit with duty fees on a 20$ replacement part, you know? (Canadian's will know what I'm talking about).

Help / advice appreciated.

I've looked at Veritas knobs as possible replacement, but they wouldn't fit.

I've found this community to be fairly active, so am expecting Eric to respond first!!

Thanks to all whom reply. Promise to update this post when I get this figured out.



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Did anyone ever come up with a satisfactory solution for this?

I'm having a similar issue. Same plane, probably overtightened, and the knob is stripped. That is to say, it spins on the screw. It's not like other planes, where the knob is bolted in from bottom to top. It's just a piece of wood that's twisted down onto screw threads.  So once the wood threads are stripped, you're out of luck. You can't tighten down the knob, and you can't loosen the mouth adjustment.

I was thinking of just reattaching the knob to the screw with JB Weld. Wondering if anyone has any advice.

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