Really thin dovetail waste removal

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9 hours ago, Lester Burnham said:


I was able to make a really skinny pin once using a regular 1/8" chisel, a marking knife, and a razor blade to clean up the waste and it was a pain in the hassle to say the least.

hahah those are the tools i used on the thin dovetail i just made before asking the question 

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2 hours ago, bradpotts said:

thanks have you used these? 

10 hours ago, Lester Burnham said:

I asked that same question a little while back and the answer is a dovetail chisel. Eric linked this and said he uses the 1/8" for really skinny pins.

Another brand that was recommended is Narex, but I can't seem to find an 1/8" dovetail chisel from them.


did you end up buying any? I think i'll add a 1/8" dovetail style chisel to my list

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I needed to make a replacement drawer with tiny pins for an old piece of furniture.   I didn't buy another chisel.   I just ground down the sides on a Marples (or Record) Blue handled 1/8" chisel, and it works fine.

In that old piece of furniture, I remember that the other drawers looked like the maker had cleaned out the sockets with his saw, but the saw I was using didn't have much set to it, and I felt better about chopping it out.

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Almost all the dovetails I make for drawers are "London" types, with baselines around 1/8" wide. Many years ago I simply ground down the lands of old chisels and made my own dovetail chisels.

Here is a set of old Stanley 750s that were modified ..


I have since purchased Blue Spruce (great for paring), Veritas PM-V11 (alrounders), and Koyamaichi (great for chopping hard wood) in 1/8" and 3/16" sizes. These all are excellent chisels.

Koyamaichi ...



Regards from Perth


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