Bookcase with ladder

Marcus Hand

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First of all, congrats to your wife on her 10th novel! IMO writers, artists, and craftspeople of all varieties are tragically undervalued by society. Anyone who can publish ten books has made it past all the mountains society puts in the way. Kudos to her and to you for supporting her in her work!

Great work on the bookcase. That is an heirloom piece that should go with you and stay in the family. Well done!

Bushwacked, I've added LED strip lights to built-in bookcases and the results are great -- my wife loves them. It's pretty easy to do the math and figure out how large a wall wart you'll need to power the lights. The biggest problem I had was voltage drop over a long run of under-gaged wire; it was small but noticeable if you knew what to look for.

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4 hours ago, bushwacked said:

damn! very nice!! 

How long did all the wiring of the LEDs take? Are they all on 1 line plugged into the wall or what? 

What types of novels does she right? Curious if I have read anything by her and not known.

For the wiring, I bought 16 foot roles from Amazon (I think they were only $11 a role). They are made to be cut every 2 feet or so. I cut them into strips that fit on the back of the shelf overhang. To connect the individual strips, I soldered them together with 22 gauge wire. I ran the wire through a small hole between each shelf. On the ends, I drilled a hole in the bottom of the shelf to run down to the next level of shelves. They are all end up being connected together in one REALLY long line that gets connected to one plug. 

I think it took me about 3 nights to do it. Once I got the hang of soldering, it went fast. It probably took me 75% of the time to do the first set of shelves.

My wife writes historical romance. Here is her latest book:

She's actually working on a book where the hero is going to be a woodworker! ha! 




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Looks fantastic!   If you are, by any chance near D.C., or Southern Maryland, PM me if you would be interested in doing about 60 lineal feet (maybe more) of these again for pay.   I have a friend that's been after me for years to build some for him, but don't have the time, and it's too far from home for me.  Details only by PM.

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Cabinets look great. 

Are those novels still as smutty as the ones my mom read? I still crack up thinking about reading the phrase "throbbing manhood" when I was 13.  

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Outstanding build!  My complements on your wife's literary career. 

I recall doing term papers in college in the mid 60s on a Sears typewriter with the cartridges that insert in the side.  Now we have word processors and send manuscripts by email or on a disk.

Heard an interview with an author who writes romance novels- cranks out one a month!  She said all she does is change the names and places, juggles some other stuff and off to the publisher!

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