Making Dominos

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It sounds like you've already found a solution to your problem, but just thinking. Couldn't these be cut by gluing a domino to a piece of mdf and using the router with a template guide to make a template. Then using a larger guide to cut your piece, then slice it out on the bandsaw like you would when cutting plugs. 

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Way more work than this is worth Coop.  I just planed some scrap to the right thickness, ripped to close width and used a block plane to finesse.  Then some roundovers and I was able to bang em into place.  They're not perfect but they're close enough for this project, and no one but me (and you guys, if I'm not careful with pictures)  will notice. 

I didn't think to try to do face grain, but like with dowel plugs I'd probably just make it worse by trying (and failing) to hide them.  

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7 hours ago, lewisc said:

I remember seeing this a while back from @difalkner. Watch at about minute 3.55 for a very satisfying moment.  Done with a CNC though. 


Thanks for the mention, Lewis!  I have to admit I dropped that piece in a dozen times before I glued it just so I could watch it again.  I drilled a 1/16" hole through the bottom to allow air and glue to escape 'cause there was no way I was going to get the Maple piece in that hole with glue in it.


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