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I had a similar idea, but lack the motivation to pursue it right now.  Maybe there'll be an increase in necessity later.  But in the meantime it makes a great place to hang my smock when I'm done turning for the day :blink:

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OK, as requested.  Here's some wood chips! Well I don't have a hundred hours on it yet, but so far no bad habits.  Solid, no vibration.   I realise now that one of the compromises of

Here's the bowl.   It didn't come out quite the way I'd envisioned (or drawn) it, but I'm OK with it.   If I find a little bit bigger blank I'll try it again narrower at the bottom and

Success.  Vexing and  unecessary problem with photo download, but I may have a workaround. Anyway I said the idea got legs and here's the proof. Next step is build a mobility base.  I picked

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