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I travel quite a bit.  Mostly retired, but still doing some consulting work.  The woodworking club I belong to is Valley Woodworkers of West Virginia. The website is open to the public and has our news letter for each month and can be read by anyone.  Earlier this year I showed a Fokker Tri-plane I built in 1988.( Full size, only a photo in the Show and Tell part of the news letter) And there are many photos and descriptions of various projects made by our members.  We have Show and Tell each month, then a break, and then a speaker or a demonstration.  These have ranged from basic how to use a particular tool to representitives from tool companies and various finishing reps and a really good presentation by a guy from Klingspor.  Anyway, how about you and your club, does your club have a web site, a news letter?  I would like to drop in to a meeting when I have an evening free.  What do you think?


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We have a club that is about 10 years old now and well over 6,000 members. It's a "Virtual" club. It doesn't have meetings, except for one 15 minute annual meeting as part of our Spring Picnic, where we elect new officers. We are "Virtual" because we get together on the club website Although it was created in North Carolina, anyone in the surrounding States, even Georgia and Florida, can be a member, as well as those who once lived here, will be living here, have military ties here, or just want to live here, you will likely be allowed in. We welcome almost everyone who is a woodworker and wants to be a.member. We have an annual raffle that has covered our operating costs, so you can join and be a life member free, and you can attend a "Virtual" meeting at any time or from any where, if you can access the internet from there. Go to the website and look around. We love posting pictures and helping each other with woodworking, or other problems.



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