exposed dovetail into a miter

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13 minutes ago, wdwerker said:

I googled the picture and found this related shot from the same company.

It's done just like "treesner" shows. ^

so you just cut two angles (at an angle) remove the waste with chisel then cut some strips at an angle on the table saw?

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Jig & router w dovetail bit. Jig fits over corner to provide a flat for the router at 45 degrees to the corner.  Same router bit in a router table to make the dovetail key strips. 

But yes if you are accurate and careful saw & chisel should work as well.  Carefully ripped on tablesaw dovetail key stock could be cleaned up with a cabinet card scraper to remove saw marks. 

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Infinity Tools sells a jig set to make these joints with a slight taper, so you can get gap free joints using any kind of wood. or  The InfinityTool link above is for their complete kit. Other smaller kits are available for less cost. There is older information about this jig in older forums. Back then It was called a Kehoe Jig.. I don't yet own one of these Infinity Tools Jigs, but I am considering it,  and I have bought from them in the past They are a good company to do business with.

I'm a happy customer and have no other connections with them.


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Dovetail spline.  A simple jig and your router table will get you there.


Here I'm doing flat splines with an FTG rip blade but, the same method at the RT is used.


This was my original version.


It doesn't have to be fancy but, if you'll do it much a couple of hours spent doing up a little more elegant version can pay off.  For larger work you can make a jig that goes to the work as opposed to bringing the work to the jig.  Here's a commercial version.



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