Custom LeatherCraft 1539 Multi-Compartment 50 Pocket Tool Bag


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It's what would fall into a hybrid shop.  We have a separate mill (same company, just across the street) that cuts all the lumber to spec as per the engineering drawings, but since it is all bespoke one of a kind stuff, quite often there is quite a bit of tweaking to do, so hand tools and power tools go side by side here.   There is such a variety of things happening, the lists of tools is quite long.  In the last two days alone I have had to build a router table jig, 4 identical glue up jigs, use an EZ-out (bolt remover), block plane, chisels, Kapex and Hitachi Mitre saws, Heesemann Belt sander, layout and miter crown molding, had a piece of mahogany bind so tight on the saw stop it started smoking (thank god I put the riving knife in!), etc etc etc.   This job is a mix of general carpentry and fine wood working, plus a healthy dose of general making. 

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Coupe months in and the bag is still a trooper.

Shoulder strap clasp bent out of shape from the weight I was carrying a couple weeks in.  Squeezed it down with some pliers and it's still holding strong.

It looks weird now.  I leave the bag open at work, so the tops and insides of the side flaps get dust on them, but when I zip it up, the sides are clean, but the top is dirty, giving a sharp tan line look to it.

The tape measure holder is a beast.  It will only knock loose if you have a direct lifting motion to the tape, otherwise it stays rock solid there on the outside of the bag. 

I've added even more stuff to the main compartment, and it still works fine.

If the bag is overstuffed, and I try to close it, sometimes one of the zippers might skip a tooth.  It never opens all the way up the wrong way, and I can easily back the zipper up and try again, and it works fine.  

Sized it on a couple of the guys tool boxes, and it will fit nicely on the top of a just a base cabinet. 

Again, a highly recommended product for those needing a beefy bag to haul tools around.  

It will also serve as a home tool box nicely for those needing to store their tools in a compact location and don't have a lot of storage space.  Apartment dwellers and renters, this might be an option for you. 

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