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I've had a Delta Bandsaw (model 28-276) now for a few years and it has served me well - no real issues.  I know there are better ones out there in this class but it was free so no complaints. Now for the issue.  The upper wheel sliding bracket broke.  Now trying to find a replacement has been difficult - since Delta has it listed as "obsolete" with no replacements available.  How do you have parts to a tool that are no longer available........  Whatever moving on.  

So trying to find this part has been hard to say the least.  There is a company that is remanufacturing the part but I have ordered and the part is slightly different.  For one its not as tall as the original and second there is a small piece the sticks out on the back side that will no allow the "sliding bracket" slide........  

I have been searching eBay and other websites that sell tool parts but no luck.  So my question is should I scrap the saw and see for parts and buy new?  Are there any good tool part websites that I might be missing?  Or should I keep searching forums and such.  

Thanks ya'll

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I own a Delta model 28-276 band saw and I am in need of an original upper wheel sliding bracket.  Mine broke and trying to find a replacement has been hard since they have discontinued the saw and are no longer making the piece.  

I've tried "replacement" pieces but they are not the same size and dimensions.  

If anyone has a saw they are parting out or know of someone not on the forum parting out a saw let me know.  I know this saw is not the best model but it was free and I am not ready to sink $00000's into a newer one just yet.  As long as I can find a part.  


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A local machine shop might be able to make or repair that part. It won't likely be cheap, but it will get your saw running again. Take the broken pieces with you and let them suggest your alternatives. Get a quote from them and then decide what you want to do. You might be pleasantly surprised.



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Unfortunately Delta went in the crapper several years ago and parts for the older (good) models are not being carried by the new manufacturer of the tools.  I have an older model delta unisaw, jointer and planer and they are great machines but like you,  if a critical part fails I know I will be screwed.  Like Wdwerker suggested a machine shop may be your best option, or you may be going tool shopping for a new bandsaw!

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I tried - and they have it listed as "obsolete". I'll try the site suggested and look for a machine shop to maybe modify the new piece.  The original piece basically fell apart..... and is in about 12 pieces.  So retiring most likely won't be an option. 

I've also posted in the classified areas in other forums - maybe I'll get lucky.  

thanks for the suggestions guys......

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