Music Cabinet #2

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Thanks for the support all. I'm doing my best to learn and employ the tips that are thrown around here everyday, it really helps. 

12 hours ago, estesbubba said:

That turned out great! In case you didn’t know they make under drawer slides which are nice. 

That is a good idea, I've certainly seen them, but never used one before. Might try that the next time around.

9 hours ago, wtnhighlander said:

Great work, Isaac! What sort of stuff does one keep in a 'music cabinet'?

In this case it really could be just called a book cabinet, but it is intended for sheet music. My wife is a serious amateur/semi professional singer. Music books tend to be pretty large (around 9"x11") so you need a fairly deep cabinet to hold them. This was the fatal flaw with my first cabinet iteration, in truing up my stock my depth approached the limit. The books do fit, but you have to make sure they are all totally in, otherwise it will be a snug fit. The new cabinet is deeper, giving a more comfortable fit. 

Some music cabinets have a bunch of thin drawers for music sheets to lay flat, like this:


but for my wife, most of hers are in books, so the drawers wouldn't be necessary or as efficient for space. I have seen "music cabinet" refer to things closer to my design, that are really just bookshelves with doors. The drawer on the bottom is for miscellaneous storage, hymnals, micro etc. whatever she likes.

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17 minutes ago, wdwerker said:

The legs and the lighter panels do improve the appearance. Does the old one go back to the shop to store sandpaper & supplies ?

Not a bad suggestion, haven't really come up with a plan for it yet. It is true, my shop storage is pretty low key, so this would be a major improvement. 

11 minutes ago, Eric. said:

It's also a good visual lesson on how much better lighter panels look.  Obviously there's no rule that says you can't do it but I always find it off-putting when a panel is darker than its frame.

Don't want to come down too hard on my own previous piece, as I think I wouldn't have arrived at the new one without having made the first iteration, but I agree. Part of the challenge for me is to overcome my engineer brain that always wants to make everything symmetric, alternating patterns, etc. In the new one I also made the horizontals of the door frames wider than the verticals, vs. make them all the same width on the original. I think it also improves the look. 

Who knows, maybe I'll make my wife another new music cabinet next year and I'll be lamenting the failures of this years model! :)

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