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Jazzing up a plain table

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Inherited a white oak side table.  I'm guessing it dates from the 70's or so.  It was built well enough:  Integral tenons and solidly attached joinery.  Quartered sycamore for the back of the drawer and solid walnut for the kickers.  Probably a shop project by somebody using up scraps, just like we all do.  But the finish had taken a beating. Sanded the top and have been building a new pile of shellac layer by layer.  Should be cured enough for soapy water and an orbital sander in a bit.

While I've got it in the shop, I figured I might try to jazz things up a bit.  It was free...what've I got to lose?  The legs were straight tapers on two sides; I've run stopped chamfers down the corners.  (Lamb's tongues on top, round terminations below giving a poor man's spade foot.) Now I'm trying to come up with something to replace the round drawer pulls.  The base will be painted white (top stays natural) and I've got some bits of walnut that are saying "turn me."  Chucked up a few bits of 2x4 and made a first draft of a three part pull.  Only turned one of the posts on the side, but it's enough to suggest where version 1.2 will need to go.


Filtered in black and white not for drama, but to keep my focus on lines and shapes.  (Remember, top natural, base painted, drawer pulls in walnut, so seeing the color right now would just be distracting.) Promising, but I'm already thinking that this is too chubby.  Likewise, I'm not happy with the shape of the post.  (It was getting late and inspiration was fading.)  My stash of walnut glowers from the rack and can almost be heard giving voice to its displeasure.  "You're not seriously going to make us into that, are you? C'mon, man, you can do better."


Mocked by a pile of lumber, I call it a day and will see what I think of this in the morning.  Tomorrow, I'll likely be toasting marshmallows with the first attempt.

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Thinner post.  The top doesn't hang over too far and it looked odd to have the pulls forward of the edge of the top.  Actual finger  clearance probably isn't in the cards and I'm OK with that.


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