Festool Boom for CT26

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Looking at purchasing the boom for my CT26, have read some mixed reviews, thought I would check with folks here who use the boom before I drop the $400.  I am assuming it uses the hose that came with my CT26 or do you need to purchase a separate hose?  My application is in my shop and it will primarily be positioned around my workbench.

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10 minutes ago, Mick S said:

I've had trouble pulling the trigger on a $400 piece of bend tubing. I hung a plywood strip from my beam above where I usually work with a hole in it for the hose. Works great.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, guess it really comes down to the mobility you want/need.

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I have one over my OF table and that one is worth every penny as there's no way to make my own in thin air.  In the old shop, I also had a home made one at the other end of the shop and it worked ok.  I ended up eventually replacing that one with the FT version and was much happier with it.  

I sold that set up before moving to the new shop.  It didn't get used that often and wouldn't be used at all in the new shop.

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I whipped up  a homemade one. A plywood box that fit over the biggest , heaviest systainer I've got with a 2x2 post screwed to one corner.  A scrap of piano hinge to a triangle ply scrap with a 2x2 arm extending out. Hose attached with stretch wrap, bungee cords etc. what ever is handy. Biggest drawback is you can tip over the vac especially if you try to roll it over cords on the floor.  15 minutes & 0.00$

Depending on the reach you need and the height of your post an extra hose may be needed. Storing the damn thing when it's not needed is a bit of a pain but you can't win them all ..

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$400!  Since my C26E is used in my shop, I have a few hooks attacked to the ceiling near my bench to keep the hose above the work surface. This has worked very well for a Domino 500 and RAS. This system is much more convenient as it gets the hose out of the way, and gives you space to move.

Below it is working with the dust/blade guard (the strange contraption on the C26E is a Dust Commando into a paint bucket/pail) ...


Regards from Perth



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7 hours ago, derekcohen said:

$400! ...

Derek that's if you have the current vac if you have the CT22E its $528 :o 

Unfortunately for me a permanent mount will not work for me so I may have to see what a used CT22E is worth on CL if not enough I may have to continue to be frustrated by hooked cords and hoses. I added the mesh cover like many have done but I still find it getting hooked.

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