For Sale: Grizzly G0513X2F 17" Bandsaw - St. Louis

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The eagle has landed.     The fit and finish on this machine is top-notch.  If it runs half as good as it looks I'm gonna be a happy man.  Check the polish on this table...  

That's how it's looking right now.  

I already called dibs on that. He's not looking to sell unfortunately

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13 minutes ago, Lester Burnham said:

You'd derustic it if you ran it through a planer.


Yeah...totally forgot...rustic isn't supposed to be flat and square anyway.  The crappier the better!  How charming.

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4 minutes ago, Cheeset202 said:

She's a beauty.......the saw not the pallet Christmas tree! Looking forward to seeing that first ultra thin wide veneer cut.  What did you get for a blade?

Settled on a Lenox Trimaster 3/4" after much debate.

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That's a good blade.   I tried a 1/2" one on my 14" saw, and couldn't see any difference one way, or the other, between that and a Resaw King.   With the tension the MM  can generate, I'm sure you will like it.   What tooth count?


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