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9 hours ago, Pwk5017 said:

A mad man designed the way this thing was put together.

Know what you mean, dude!  My son is a mechanical engineer as was his grandfather.  I fell to the wayside with no mathematical aptitude.  Anyway, we would work on things and I told my son if he ever "designed anything like this," I would kick his butt around the block.  There was a trend to assemble things- design for manufacture it was called.  No one ever thought of design for repair or replacement.  Ever work on one of the new cars?  I had a Plymouth van that had a Mazda engine-  you had to replace the water pump from the back while taking half of the front apart.  Had to spend $400 as a result.

Good luck on the project.

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I'll be the first to admit I'm not the most mechanically inclined man, but they really made that incredibly difficult. The lack of diagrams and instructions almost force you to pay for the commissioning service. I'm sure that's not intentional or anything....


here it is in its home. Wired a plug on it real quick and it fired up nicely. The weird humming/shrill frequency of the VFD starting up will take some getting used to, but thankfully it goes away once the machine is under power for 15-20 seconds. I want to say this vintage felder uses three phase motors with an internal VFD. Let's you electronically control the RPMs for your saw and shaper via a dial. I have a few 14" blades from the previous owner and zero shaper tooling. I believe he only used the router spindle with router bits, because the shaper spindle looks brand new. Need to spend some TLC on the top and insides. The top is a little grimy. Not rusty, but that staining cast iron takes on. I doubt the previous owner ever regreased any of the internal ways, so I'll tend to that while I have it apart. Not that I have much experience with sliding tables, but the xroll table is smooth as butter. 


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