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I started this Media Cabinet a while back and thought I would do a journal.  I am finally getting around to posting here.  This project is almost complete, I start the ARS top coats tomorrow.  I know

As I mentioned before the finish process I used, I got from a guy named Jeff Jewitt.   It was a four step process.  I had two colors that I was interested in and fortunately only one item, the dye sta

So the doors are a simple frame and panel design with a little twist.  I made some cutouts in the panels. This was something that was done by a furniture maker named Charles Limbert during the Arts &a

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35 minutes ago, wdwerker said:

Now I'm considering 2 edge guides for my little Dewalt plunge router, thanks for helping me spend more

well if you want to go to the heart of the problem, I got the idea from Kev.  It works out great.

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6 minutes ago, Chet said:

well if you want to go to the heart of the problem, I got the idea from Kev.  It works out great.

We used that when we cut the mortise for the leg vise on Chet's bench.  I can't take the credit but, I don't recall where I saw it.

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1 hour ago, Eric. said:


When my kids want to "help" me in the shop...I've got two words for ya: sandpaper - scraps

That is all.

She is only five but she is to smart for that.  She wants to be were the fun is.  She is pretty tenacious at working through a problem or skill.

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30 minutes ago, Chet said:

I took two years of drafting in high school, again all pencil and paper, about 20+ years before CAD was even thought about.

Me too, except I did half and half. I won state with an autocad drawing and a pencil/paper drawing .... mine are still sloppy though when I do it myself haha.

Maybe one day I will slow down and make pretty drawings and more accurate to scale drawings.

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50 minutes ago, RichardA said:

In one of your first pics, I noticed 4 squares on your bench next to some qswo. And I wondered why.  Now I know, you needed one square for each leg.   Makes perfect sense to me.  

Each square had a different part or the measurements for the layout of the mortises at the top and bottom of the legs.  I like to leave them set up until the mortises are finished just in case I mess up and have to layout a back up part. 

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