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I picked up a pretty piece of green marble at a yard sale for really cheap. It's 31 x 17 x 1.75. Nicely polished, green, curved front corners. Weighs about 100 lbs.

The goal is to build some hefty legs under it.  Either 4 or 6, haven't decided on the layout yet.

But because of the shape some of the angles will not be at 90 degrees. I'm wondering about the best way to attach the stretchers to the leg tops. My first thought is a block behind the leg that would attach to two stretchers plus leg top, using hefty wood screws. Then an angled tenon approach for the non-90 degree stretchers. Would add more of a reveal than the pics indicate in order to give the tenons enough depth to do their job.

Any other concepts come to mind?



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I read your question as asking how to attach the stretchers to the legs. If you are good with a handsaw, you can cut angled tenons on the stretchers and then cut a mortise into the leg. Google angled mortise and tenon and you will find examples. If you aren’t a purist, pocket screws would work fine. 

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