Dividers for Dove Tail Layout


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I am looking to buy a set of dividers for dove tail layout and could use some suggestions. Does anyone one have a good quality brand suggestion and also what size of dividers should I buy? Also, I know there are two types both spring dividers and wing dividers. I would like to buy 2 dividers as I am just starting with my first cutting of dove tails. 


Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!

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I like 4" for small layouts like dovetails.   I can't count the number I have, including Starret's, and other good ones.   Important to me is the spinner handle on the top, so you can twirl them back and forth between two fingers.  Important also is a fine adjustment screw-step off a guessed distance, make a tiny adjustment, and try again.

The pair that gets used the most, just because they were cheap enough to leave laying around when I bought them thirty-some years are go, are these 8" Generals.  The finish has long ago rusted off, but they still get the call most of the time.


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