Wood plaque - how it could be done using table saw

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57 minutes ago, Lester Burnham said:

I think you could get those shapes done with a drum sander drill bit for the most part and then hand sand it to the final shape.

This is a low cost option. You can buy a drum set cheap.  It'lll take a bit longer than a rasp.

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3 hours ago, GeneT said:

I would use a sanding disc on a angle grinder.


Unless you are seriously proficient w/ one it seems to me it would be nearly impossible to maintain consistency in the angle and depth of the coves around the frame.

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I think you may be catching the drift here.  That scalloping is not a beginner project, especially without the correct tools.  You have a profile that is a set of concave arches which are then profile by a graduated amount to the equilibrium point and then withdrawn along the curve to give the desired result. That's a fancy way of saying the profile goes deeper as it follows the arch.

My first reaction is to choose an alternate design that you have tools for.  My second reaction is like others here; layout some witness lines:


grab a rasp and some sandpaper and go at it.


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If you look closely, those curves are not full thickness on the edge of the frame.  They are deepest at the front and bevel back towards the back.

Like Frank said, make a template that mimics those curves, then use a chamfer bit to create the beveled profile.  There's no way to do that with a table saw that I can think of.

Or yeah...a spokeshave and rasps...but that will require fairly honed skills to get them even close to fair.

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While I agree that doing what you need safely on a tablesaw will be non-trivial, I suggest you take a look at this site for more information on how it works:


Matthias has several videos & articles about cutting coves on the TS. Note that all of them appear to be coves along the length of the material, rather than the scalloped corners your example frame shows. To do that will require something like a miter spline jig to hold the frame at the proper angle as it passes over the saw. You also show multiple cove radii in your example. Doing that means multiple saw setups, possibly multiple jigs.

I'm not sawing it is impossible to do what you ask safely on a tablesaw. But I think it would certainly take more effort than it is worth. I have cut coves (moldings and table top edge treatments) with my tablesaw, and it is NOT a time-efficient technique, especially if you plan to make many of those plaques.

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22 hours ago, mctawards said:

The cutting hv a table saw cut mark rather a router. Will send close pic soon. Thanks


22 hours ago, Eric. said:


I think he was trying to say that the sample plaque has saw marks in the coves so he is assuming that it was done with a table saw not a router,  But my guess is that the plaque was mass produced and made to look that way, you know, "rustic".

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