Elevated Dog Food Station

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My wife’s niece asked me to build her one of these for her Mastiff “horse” so he could stand upright and drink and eat. I’m thinking that was what he had a neck for but relented and built her one from some nice maple. It holds two bowls and a bin for about 50 lbs. of food. She ended up spray painting it black to match her “other stuff”.

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6 hours ago, shaneymack said:

She is very cute. Part boxer?

Definitely a mix.  The vet calls her an American Bully/Terrier mix so that's what we call her.  Probably a bit of something else in there as well.  We've had good luck with mutts.  She's very mellow and obedient in the house, a bit rambunctious but still well behaved outdoors.  We've been very fortunate with her.  A dog bed frame is next on the "can't these people wait while you  make something for us?" list. :D

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13 minutes ago, gee-dub said:

We've had good luck with mutts.

Mutts are actually the best breed of dogs because their gene pool hasn't been all twisted and deformed by human breeders,  They're just dogs.

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cool project

i made a much "rougher" (read - construction lumber) one, when we had 2 greyhounds. (long legs)

tall dogs can drink easier when the water is elevated. doesn't mean they can't when the bowl is on the ground, but a little easier when elevated.

it does tend to "spray" the vittles and water 'cause it is up in the air! :D

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We got an oak one for our Mastiff that a fellow woodworker made for us. Of course, when he made it 5 years ago, I was not a fellow woodworker. Hence the reason he made it. Needs a refinishing now. Someone recently asked me to make one as well. 

I like the added features, if it's going in your house, no reason not to make it awesome!

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20 hours ago, gee-dub said:

After all, dogs slobber a little.

My dogs do a little,  I have seen some where you might want a bar top finish on the topside. :D

Your dog is going to like this but she might try to play it cool and so no emotion.

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