Fire place mantle


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9D8A9057-6DBE-415A-9A44-32843685AA3E.thumb.jpeg.0f8139af98f9e6191ac52d3b66cb8cc8.jpegHey folks this project was 2 years ago when I got back into woodworking. See I drive a big truck for a living for now anyway. But I got on a lane where I get the weekends off. So I got time on my hands and started pursuing my passion of woodworking.

this is the first thing I made. It not fancy by any means and isn't a mantle that you purchase and have installed lol. To expensive. So I drew it up on sketchup layout and got to work. Took me a month due to no tools but a  skil tablesaw and a cordless drill.  

Let me know what ya think4D9A7EAE-BB6A-41D1-88F6-C6229A6EA9C0.thumb.jpeg.33c33b8c959c808ecd5fe00867257408.jpeg390AFDB0-4B20-4E24-AFBE-4CD5017AAB95.thumb.jpeg.c11944bcc903af83ad6e48a5a8899444.jpeg9792F64E-77CD-40E1-BAE5-B4E18B738E59.thumb.jpeg.a277723a9b38fb6fb482e798541e1735.jpeg5CEBC285-5EEB-4EF8-AAC0-DC2466372230.thumb.jpeg.015b08ec9e74dd7275f2a99f3ed93978.jpeg6FB68FF4-DF14-42EC-9791-DCD18CB24F77.thumb.jpeg.bcda9d44694b08cdb4178a5b526bca60.jpeg36D5A6E9-2575-4FA7-B16E-8FAED44BB728.thumb.jpeg.5b08baf99ae41a08bfbef48c6e97fce6.jpeg

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14 hours ago, RichardA said:

Nicely done with the handicap of few real tools.    32 years owner operator OTR.  any questions on driving a big truck, ask away..

I myself have been driving since 92. Finally got recognized as a million mile safe driver.  Enuf off topic tho back to wood working lol. 

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Pretty mantle. A friend just asked me to make her one for their new timber framed home on Black Mountain, NC. I retired from UPS with 30 years, last 6 in Feeders. I got addicted to shifting in the yard, most drivers hate it. Our hub, when built, 40 footers were the norm. Now every thing is 53', so the yard is way too small and tight. If you knock a mirror off, that's considered an accident. When I left we were processing 750 trailers a day during peak, on 168 bays, Joe.

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