Where to buy Baltic Birch plywood in Charleston SC

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I am looking to buy a couple sheets of 15 ply veneer core, 3/4" (18 mm), Baltic Birch plywood in the highest grade possible, which seems to be B/BB. 

I did not just suddenly become a plywood snob. I have a project that requires me to prominently display the actual plywood edges as a design feature, and I need the high contrast, thin, all birch, long-grain-then-end-grain plys of baltic birch. However, I've called every "major" lumber yard in the Charleston SC area, and no one carries it. I called:

  • Southern Lumber Co.
  • Berlin G. Meyers
  • Wurth Group

No one carries it around here. I found some online that would work through woodworkerssource.com, but the shipping charges cost literally slightly more than the wood itself. I also don't want to make any long trips to Atlanta or Charlotte if I can help it, as the gas would again make this project's costs tip into the "nevermind" zone. Anybody got any tips?

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Trying calling this company - one of the largest importers of Russian Plywood.  Bring product into a number of ports.

Ask who their customers are in South Carolina that stock or can order for you.

Wolstenholme International

2060 Broadway Suite 320
Boulder CO 80302

(800) 553-3732

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On 11/4/2017 at 9:45 AM, Seavee said:

Hood Distribution  in Greenville SC. Set up an account they deliver to me in Charleston 1 a week.

Are delivery charges not crazy? Baltic Birch is already probably a pretty expensive product. In my experience, shipping of things like this end up costing as much if not more than the product.

Also... I only need like 1-2 sheets right now. Maybe more later on. If you are in Charleston, would you be open to going in on an order?

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