Found a Hitachi f1000a for sale...

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Was looking around and found a lady selling a Hitachi planer/jointer combo. I looked at the pictures and did some more searching and to my untrained eye it looks like an F1000A. 

She said that she accidentally "locked" it and wasn't sure if she wanted to sell it unless she knew it worked. Aside from being a bit dusty it looks to be in good shape. I asked her that since it was locked if she would take $250 for it and she said that would work.

Now, my question to you guys is, what do you think being "locked" means? There is a little red switch on it that says "Remove to Lock" and there is another picture she posted that shows someone with that little switch removed and in their hand. Could it be as simple as replacing the switch to "unlock" it?

For this make and model of planer/jointer combo, if it runs, is $250 a good price? 

See the pics below.


Hitachi 4.jpg

Hitachi 1.jpg

Hitachi 2.jpg

Hitachi 3.jpg

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Ok, that's what I'm hoping the problem is.

Is there a switch, key, or something else that goes under the red thingy in order to turn it on??

Do you guys think that $250 for the unit is a good price? Everything that I've found online points to this being a pretty decent machine and since it's a combo unit it would definitely save me from having to buy two different machines.

I've messaged her this morning to get a little bit more info about how she "accidentally locked" it and if it was running before then.


On a side note...the spec sheet says it weighs 320 pounds so if it works out then getting this into the back of the truck should be fun!

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Ok, she said he was running and working when she locked it. She said she was actually showing it to someone when she pulled the red thing out and now it won't start.

If that is the only issue then simply putting the red switch cover back on it should fire up, right? Is there something else that needs to be done to get it to start after replacing the red switch?

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20 minutes ago, Unknown craftsman said:

I'm reluctant to start jointers or planers without knowledge about the knives. You just never know if someone did not finish setting and tightening all the gibs.

Ive heard that particular machine is one of the loudest on planet earth. But built very well and super accurate.


Agreed, however, after chatting with her for a bit she said the machine was her dads but due to health issues, (couple of strokes), he is no longer able to do woodworking. She mentioned that he was meticulous in caring for his equipment.

I also realize that people would say and do pretty much anything in order to sell a piece of junk to some unwitting stranger. I don't get that feeling in this case. I'll give it a good once over and if there is the slightest hint of shenanigans I'll pass on it. Even if the switch is bad I've been told it's an easy and inexpensive fix. For a new guy starting out and the possibility of getting a quality planer and jointer for $250 I'm excited. lol

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Not trying to be argumentative but that does not look to have been meticulously cared for. Looks like it could have come out of a production shop by looks alone.

I don't know the machine at all and have always been wary of combo units but if that's what you are looking for and can test it out, 250 isn't bad to go from no planer or jointer to both.

And yeah those safety locks can be finicky.  If it worked before it was pulled, it should fire up once it's reinstalled.

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Thanks for input guys.

I actually decided to not get it after all. Looking around online it became clear that parts are no longer made for it so if something were to break or needed replacing right away I would be up the creek.

I'll keep looking but I'm leaning heavily toward the DeWalt 734 or perhaps the WEN 6550.

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