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I've been looking for a larger compressor for my mechanic shop, to run a 3/4" air wrench, and other stuff.   I found both a good buy on a compressor, and an air dryer today on Cl.   A $5,300+ 10 hp, 120 gallon Speedaire air compressor for $500-it even looks good, and a refrigerated air dryer large enough for a compressor twice that large-also looks good, and supposedly works $2300 dryer for $125.   The problem is that both are about 185 miles from opposite directions.

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Turns out a road trip is not needed for either!   

Dude selling the compressor was in a bind to keep his truck from being repossessed, so I helped him out on that, and he's delivering the compressor.  I'm paying him some cash when he delivers it.  I talked to him, and believe he's legit, but if not, it won't be the first bundle of cash I've thrown away.  It seemed to be worth the risk.  The compressor has been kept inside, and other than some dust, looks almost new.   It's a 200 gallon tank, instead of a 120 that I misjudged from the CL picture.

The guy selling the dryer is meeting my friends heading South on 95 tonight, and they're bringing it.  He was a half hour, one way, out of their way, and I didn't want them to put an extra hour on the road.  For an extra 50 bucks, the seller is meeting them.  edited to add: that didn't work out-measured it and we figured it wouldn't fit in a Volvo SUV.

The time I didn't have to spend on the road more than paid for both items.  I'll just need to get another VFD to run the compressor, or use the one I'm using for the big bandsaw, in the meantime.

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The seller showed up with it at 1:30 A.M. last night with the compressor.  He couldn't follow directions, got lost, and I had to go lead him from I85.    It's HUGE.  34.8 cfm at 175 psi.  Pictures after this rain passes.  It was just starting to rain when we unloaded it.  He had to have the F650 flatbed back to where it came from this morning, so I told him to get going, and we left it hanging under the gantry crane until I can do something else with it.

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We got it pushed into the shop with the little tractor.  The little tractor has a loader on it too, but was not nearly strong enough to pick the compressor up.  This building is full of stuff, but I've left enough room to get the 70 hp tractor in there to work on it.  Not enough room to get a full camera view of the compressor, but this is a size large glove held up near the pump.  It hasn't been used a whole lot.  Contacts in the starter still look clean, and even the oil in the compressor window still looks light colored, and clean.

Specs say it moves enough air to run a BBD rock drill that someone gave me.

This 10 hp motor is now the largest electric motor I own.  I bought a VFD for the big bandsaw that can run up to a 15 hp motor, and won't be working on tractors, and resawing wood at the same time, so won't buy another VFD for now.   

This is the same pump that Speedaire uses on their 15 hp compressor.  It's just slowed down for the 10 hp, so should last forever with the 10 hp motor.  The pump cylinders have a pressurized oiling system, so should last forever anyway.

I plan to weld some lifting hooks on the base under the pump and motor, so I can move it around with the big loader, once I get that tractor back together, so that we can move it to the old house whenever, and if ever, we get going on that stone work job.  I'll make sure we have a large enough temporary service to run everything I need over there.  This draws 26.8 amps.

Haven't gotten the dryer yet.  It's sounding kind of iffy (measured it, and wouldn't fit in back of large Volvo SUV), but at least I havent' given that seller any money yet.  This compressor deal is the first time I've ever stuck my neck out.  I had to send the seller's Mom some money by Paypal so he could afford to get it here.  Altogether, I have $640 in it, not including gas in the car to go meet him last night, but other than the car trip, the price included delivery.  We'll see if it works without spending any more money, but I'm feeling pretty good about it right now.

edited to add:  Looks like I'll be getting the refrigerated dryer too, but may have to go after it myself this Sunday.  It's run by a 3/4 hp single phase motor, and will dry 58 cfm.   My spray capabilities should go way up too.

edited again to add many thanks to SplinteredDave on these forums for picking the dryer up for me when I wasn't able to get there in time to satisfy the seller!



CIMG2337 (1280x960).jpg

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That's a very strange looking bandsaw.   I wouldn't have any use for it,  and the price is too high anyway.    I do regret not buying a 36" Northfield that I hesitated too long on, but do have a good 24" that came off of ebay.

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Hey Tom ,that looks like the end plate of a Baldor motor if I'm not mistaken. I've worked for Baldor for over 20 years and I spot our motors on all kinds of things. Sorry be off topic, I couldn't resist. Hang on this is in off topic Lol.

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Yes, it's a Baldor!  I have quite a number of Baldor motors, and have never had the first problem with any of them.  I bought a half horse cheap off CL, with worn out bearings, and since having my motor guy put bearings in, it's run all Summer for two Summers in the barn, and it never even gets warm.  It's a TEFC, and the fan end was smashed too, but I just cut the shaft off for the fan, and being inside a large fan, it doesn't need the onboard cooling fan.

 I'm getting a VFD to run this compressor.  I remembered incorrectly that the VFD I had for the big bandsaw was for 15 hp, but it's for 10 hp.   I'm getting another one just like the one for the bandsaw.  That way, I can not only run either without having to reconnect anything, but if one goes down, there will be a spare nearby.

I haven't taken the time to learn all the possibilities of adjustment for the VFD, but the Chinese seller I bought them from gave clear, and simple instructions on exactly how to hook it up, and it worked correctly at the first push of a button.

The dryer works perfectly, and doesn't need any parts!  I haven't done anything with the compressor yet, but will as soon as the VFD gets here, I'll see if it needs anything.  It doesn't appear to have been run much, and is still bolted to the shipping pallet it first came on.

The bad thing is now I've been spending a bunch of time accumulating air tools for the mechanic shop.  I guess buying good tools cheap is my hobby, but I do use them, even if only once in a while.  I had to put a new front hub on the dually with this air compressor sitting right there, and it would have saved some time to be able to use the air wrenches.

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