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Air Compressors. How big?

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I have a 45 year old Craftsman 2 HP twin cylinder compressor on a 20 gallon tank and I use that for HVLP spraying lacquer and general use around the shop, including the occasional pin nailer.  That includes blowing air on the new Wynn filter that's on our HF 2 HP DC.  The compressor won't quite keep up once it comes on but the tank is big enough that I get all the way around the filter without losing pressure - about 80 psi is what I use.  Once I stop blowing the filter the compressor runs another minute or so, so that's not too bad.


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On 11/12/2017 at 4:17 PM, Mark J said:

Thanks for all the feedback.  I did some looking around on line and had settled on the DeWalt DWFPP55126 pancake because a lot of reviewers had said it was quiet.  Price around $170.

Then I figured I'd get out of the house and head to the big box just to look around.  

Left with a Bostitch BTFP02012 pancake for $100.  I figure given how easy it is to make a return, I'll take it home and plug it in.  If it's deafening I can try the DeWalt.

OK it was deafening.  How loud? Two dead people woke up and told me.

I bought the DeWalt.  Was able to get it for $130 at Blaine's Farm & Fleet.  It is substantially quieter standing next to it or in the rest of the house.  

Actually measures 81 decibels (up close) as compared to 85 for the Bostich.  The 4 dB makes a difference.

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