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Hi Everyone, I'm in desperate need of some design help. I'm building an Krenov-esqe type desk. As you can see in the pictures, the drawer fronts were cut from the same board as I want the look of the grain to be continuous across the entire front piece/apron. So, I'm struggling with a good design for drawer pulls that won't interrupt the flow of the grain. Any and all ideas are appreciated, thanks!!




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I'm not an expert on Krenov's style, but if you're taking inspiration from him already, might as well extend it to the pulls. His website still has a pretty good gallery of his work.


This image has two options that look like they would be quite nice. Personally I'd go with the rectangular pull with the recessed top and bottom for grip. The more rectangular shape complements the existing lines of the piece, and obviously make it horizontal to go with the drawers. Krenov looks to have kept his pulls quite small, so they don't ever overwhelm the work, but they aren't trying to hide either.

Alternatively, a carved square pull would look nice, and perhaps a touch more refined?


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@gee-dub has some good tips for making pulls. Krenov's might have been rather simple, but I think that desk design could benefit from a bar-type pull that flows in and out of the drawer front.

A plain knob just feels so 'Shaker-ish'.

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