DJ-20 Ashland, Va. Cl

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It's definitely on the high end of what they seem to go for.  The only reason I might not call it crazy high is that there doesn't seem to be a lot of them on CL for sale, so supply/demand would say they'll go for a little more than usual.  There's one near me for sale for $1200.  Of course, it's CL, so you should lowball them and see if they'll take 750.

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1 hour ago, Unknown craftsman said:

Out here on the west coast be have lots of jointers to choose from. That's a price I would expect to see.

I have my eye on this one.

But the wood shop doesn't have any money right now:( 


Where on the west coast are you? I assume close to me since you've referenced the LA area CL. 

I also agree that at $1k, it would be a good deal on that jointer based on what I normally see them post and sell for, when a DJ20 does show up.   

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9 minutes ago, Andrew1 said:

I have seen this one before on Craigslist. Isn't this kinda high for an older machine when you can get a brand new griz for less? Is the DJ20 that much better?

This is what I consider to be a decent young vintage machine. It was and if it has been taken care of, should still be a very good machine.

Take 5 minutes to search Grizzly issues in the forum.  I can think of many issues on new and used machines from INITIALLY defective, reoccurring problems, bad or cheap design causing the same parts to prematurely wear out. Grizzly does come with a warranty. With that said, I had to deal with their warranty process and I honestly believe that they tried EVERYTHING they could, to not cover what was explicitly covered in the docs. 

I have 2 griz machines that are up for replacement the next time anything goes wrong with them. 

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I look at CL every day.  It's a habit now.  I post good deals that I don't grab, or things that are not that easy to find.   I hope someone gets something out of it, once in a while.

Last Christmas, we were at my Son's house.  We went back home that day, and on the way, I picked up a good 15" planer for $400, and it was about 2 minutes off the interstate.  The seller didn't mind at all meeting me, and loading it with his forklift.

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That seller had started a bathroom remodeling business.  He built the cabinets, and had started doing his own Granite countertop work too.  The demand for the countertops turned into a full time job for him, and no longer did remodeling or woodworking.  He was moving to a larger commercial building, and just wanted to get rid of his woodworking tools because he had to be out of the current building by the first of the year.

He also had a Grizzly 24" drum sander that he wanted 300 bucks for.  I was almost tempted to get it, but remembered complaints about that machine, so passed.

He had the forklift for moving the granite around.

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