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One thing that keeps coming up when my wife and I discuss making ornaments or other decorations is that we would like to etch or burn some writing into the wood.

In particular we were considering making some wooden ornaments for the Christmas tree and would like to maybe put the year or some other text on it but what is the best method for doing this? Do you freehand it or use a stencil? I've seen some nice pieces online where someone had a quote from scripture and the guy said his wife made a stencil then he traced it on the wood. Is something like that done a letter at a time or would you just create a stencil with the entire quote?

Also, what kind of kit should I be looking for in order to do something like this? I don't have the best hand writing so I can't imagine me doing it by hand and having it look good would work very well.

Any links to kits or more info is appreciated!

As usual...thanks guys!

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