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1 hour ago, Minnesota Steve said:

What's a good resource to look at in terms of build it yourself?


When I first got started thinking about building mine, I started doing some research on the Internet.  The best resource was when I started working with a friend who had designed and built his own machine.  He helped me avoid some pitfalls like looking at supported vs. unsupported rails, what materials to use, and so on. 

Before you start designing a build, the 2 questions you want answer is, how big of a cutting surface you want, and what materials you want to cut.  For my machine, the size was dictated by the space available for it in my shop, so I will have cutting surface of 27.5"x20.5"x8", with the footprint of the machine at 39.5"x28".  I plan on mainly using it for wood, but do see potential uses for aluminum and brass, so that is why much of the structure is aluminum, with using supported linear rails for all 3 axises.

I have attached the most recent picture of my CNC build.  I am currently working on building the Z axis right now, and hope to have more progress pics soon.  I have been posting progress updates on another forum, when I get sometime over the next day or two, I will post that thread here as well.


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