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12 hours ago, thatCharlieDude said:

....My wife asked why would I make our son a shoe horn and I told her every man needs a shoe horn for his dress shoes. Besides, this one is much nicer than the cheap plastic one he keeps stealing from me....

Nice gifts!  

I made my son a shoe shelf.  Now if I could just get him to pick up his shoes and put them on the shelf.

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3 hours ago, wdwerker said:

My dad would give me a second warning to pick up my room then the next time I got home everything would be gone off the floor and it might be weeks before it mysteriously reappeared in a pile on my bed. One time after 2 warnings to make my bed I got home late (& tipsy)  to find my bed was GONE. Slept in the beanbag chair and found pieces of the bed and frame hidden all over the house the next day. I learned quick to keep things presentable. 

We did this with our kids worked like a charm. 

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16 minutes ago, thatCharlieDude said:

We did this with our kids worked like a charm. 

No kids, but once I hit my teens I just lived in a small cabin next to the main house. I could keep it how I wanted, and the parent's didn't have to deal with any mess or noises. It was a nearly perfect setup.

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