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21 minutes ago, Chet said:

Very cool.  So who gets stuck outside the Mustang or the Felder?

There is room inside for both :) 

10 minutes ago, treeslayer said:

Very nice ride Mel, looks like its had some upgrades, wheels, tires, anything done to the motor? stick or auto?

Thanks! Appears to be very stock right now. I'll fix that soon... Automatic right now... I'll also be fixing that.

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3 hours ago, Chestnut said:

Man by comparison my day is pretty below aveage. I was excited catching a 14ish inch large mouth bass with a worm. Guess i'll have to try agan another day. Congrats on the new awesome house/lot @JohnG and new car Mel

Any day the fish is caught, is a good day! The others are just fishing days.

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I’ve been meaning to keep similar records as well, but currently just have partial records of my power tool purchases.

@Coop @Mick S @Mark J what’s your threshold for what gets recorded vs what doesn’t? The accountant in me wants to track all woodworking related expenses, but I know that I won’t actually keep up with that. 

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