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When I am grinding knives I hang a bucket of water underneath that catches most of the dust and sparks.  I have never had the space to separate metal and wood, so I try to be very careful.  For several years I was running a forge in my shop, that got a little dicey...

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My DIL has a sister (lives on the other side of the country) who is an extremely unfit parent, so they have taken on legal guardianship of he 7 YO son. So now I am his defacto grandfather. His other g

Speaking of projects to make the wife happy, I finished up the crown molding on our first floor yesterday. Had a bit of a break since I started since we had our deck built in the middle. Old deck

I took my son for his driving exam today, then whatched him drive home in my rearview mirror. His "new" car may be several years old, but you'd think it just rolled off the assembly line...

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10 hours ago, Coop said:

Time will get you there. Nut, I almost bought a pu from a salesman that made his own knives and apparently there is money in it. Do you do your own blade and tang, if that’s the correct verbiage? 

Nope bought a kit. I don't have much motivation to pick up blacksmithing for a hobby. It'd be fun to make one from scratch though.

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2 hours ago, Mark J said:

I replaced the ZCI on my table saw, and made a set up block for the grinder platform.

I wasn't sure if cutting the slot was a rip or cross cut, so I used my new combination blade ;).


The set up block has some common angles.  

ZCI and the Incra Miter Express, isn't that overkill? I'm just kidding, it's crazy how many accessories you need for all the tools.

I like the set up block. Might have to make that as well.

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We did the first day.  We had it easy.  With my 104 year old Mother with us to vote, we were able to hand in our Absentee Ballots while we parked at Curbside voting for her to vote.  We were in, and out of there in about 15 minutes, while a line went around the building.

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I got my first electric bill since getting the electric car. The timing just happened to work out that the afternoon I got the car was the first day of the statement cycle. I've put 2,396 miles on it over the past month. My bill was $10 higher than last month. We didn't run the AC as much this month, but also ran the heat a decent amount. I've only been in the house for a few months so I don't have a great comparison for this time of year, but according to the electric company, our bill was $15 lower than the previous owners' bill for the same period last year. So no real appreciable change in the bill amount that I can attribute to the car, which is in line with what I’ve heard others say as well.

I also had someone come out to check out my water stove and got it all figured out.

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48 minutes ago, Coop said:

John, what is a water stove?

It’s an outdoor wood fired boiler. I’ve found that, like many things, there are a bunch of names for it and none of them are right. 

It’s got a firebox that heats up a large fluid tank (water and glycol or similar mix). You pump water through a coil within the large tank to take the heat somewhere else- a kiln, swimming pool, HVAC heating coil, etc. Mine has a circuit going to our main HVAC and another that pumps the water through another coil for domestic hot water. Mine also has solar cells on the roof that the domestic water is pumped through before heading to our electric water heater. 

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Not today, but yesterday.   It's been 80 degrees here for the past several days.  That's too hot for me to run a chainsaw, when I have other stuff to do.  I dropped a few trees about a week ago, but didn't buck them.  I didn't want to put a chain in the dirt, and knowing that rain was coming today, I didn't want the rain to splash dirt on the logs.

I picked them up the the loader, and lifting tongs, and put blocks of wood under them.  That way, they'll still be clean when I get around to chunking them.

I like the different lens choices on this new phone-wide angle here.



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18 hours ago, Chestnut said:

I finished the knives. I sanded to 400 grit and then polished with a cloth wheel. They really didn't need any finish but i did put on some tried and true that i bought to try out.


One of them will be mine not sure which one.

Where did you pick up the kits from?

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