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My DIL has a sister (lives on the other side of the country) who is an extremely unfit parent, so they have taken on legal guardianship of he 7 YO son. So now I am his defacto grandfather. His other g

Speaking of projects to make the wife happy, I finished up the crown molding on our first floor yesterday. Had a bit of a break since I started since we had our deck built in the middle. Old deck

I took my son for his driving exam today, then whatched him drive home in my rearview mirror. His "new" car may be several years old, but you'd think it just rolled off the assembly line...

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First time I did that I got fairly far into the board before I thought my table saw was burning up. Definitely thought I was going to have to buy a new one.

I finished the construction of the Shaker End Table last night. I need to sand/glue the drawer and sand the top then onto finishing. It's taken way too long but I did knock out a number of smaller projects in between.

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