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My DIL has a sister (lives on the other side of the country) who is an extremely unfit parent, so they have taken on legal guardianship of he 7 YO son. So now I am his defacto grandfather. His other g

Only because I didn't want to disappoint you, Ken, I used mesquite for trim on the doors and stiles. And to top it off, I used Lone Star pulls.

Speaking of projects to make the wife happy, I finished up the crown molding on our first floor yesterday. Had a bit of a break since I started since we had our deck built in the middle. Old deck

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Laid out, and cut the parts for the topsoil leveling drag, this morning.  Hopefully, I'll get it welded up tomorrow morning, and be able to try it out.

I'm not at all sure how it will work.  I hope it will work good enough, and not have to make some other variation.  I've seen ones on youtube designed to level out lawns that were already pretty level.  I have a lot more more ups, and downs than an almost level yard, so hopefully this will work like a jointer plane for dirt.

It's 6-1/2 feet wide, and 12 feet long.  It weighs a little over 200 pounds. My mower will be 72", and the point has an overall crown, width wise.

Notice, in the background, the offset hose holder for the new welder grounding cord.  I offset it so I can stick the clamp on the holder, and nothing stick out past the sides.





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I have a flexible harrow drag, but that follows undulations.  I want to fill in the low spots.

  Even after the grass starts growing, and filled spots settle, I want to be able to topdress it back to level, and keep doing that enough times that it finally becomes as flat as possible.  I don't think this first time will be the only time I use it.

This is way too big to drag around the typical yard.  The turning radius is not going to be small, but that is no consideration on the two acre point, especially now that I have the trees thinned out.

I can do pretty good with the grading blade with tailwheel, but not as good as I want to be able to, and I can't use that for top dressing.

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When you get done with your plot you can drag it over my way and flatten my fields! :lol:

I was surprised to find out that mowing with my tractor and rotary mower only took 20min longer than on the ZTR. Not only did it take basically the same amount of time, my back wasn’t totally shot afterward like it would have been on the ZTR. 

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Yeah, that's the main reason I want it flat, and smooth.  The new mower is supposed to be able to cut at 14 mph, but I don't want to bounce anymore than necessary, even in an air-ride seat.  My goal is to get it like a nice golf fairway, with slightly longer grass.  I don't expect to get it finished in one season.

Here's a light duty version of leveling an almost level lawn.  I'll be leveling a whole layer of topsoil over the whole area.  What I had now is Nowhere close to as flat as this is to start with.  I might use sand in another year or so, to level out any spots that settle.  I fully expect it to be a several season thing.

and combination land leveler, only on loose, screened topsoil rather than gravel


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12 minutes ago, Tom King said:

That's the kind of sprinkler head I need.

Never above the surface to get hit by a mower and works from 4 feet deep. 

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2 hours ago, Chestnut said:

Good thing it was the utility's problem those fixes can get expensive that looks like a shallow bury though.

Yeah, the repair guy said the pipe was only about 10" below the surface where it crosses under the ditch. Main line is on the opposite side of the road. He said they crew will make it deeper when they return to make permanent repairs. FYI, "frost line" here is only 18", but I haven't seen the ground freeze below the grass roots since the mid-1970s.

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16 hours ago, Richard Brown said:

Family is a wonderful thing and people should get back to just enjoying time with their family and life in general. 

We have been having a family dinner once a month for about ten years.  Its not fancy but we all sit at one table, no paper plates or plastic utensils and NO electronic devises allowed beyond to front door.

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Planted 11 trees in our orchard, 3 strawberry plants, and 6 raspberry plants. In the shop I refreshed the finish on our wooden cutting boards and the cherry spoons I’ve made. Went with PolyX on all of them this go round. 

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I have a little bit of sanding left to do on 1 door and then I'm done. Yesterday for the first time in what seems like forever, I started doing some woodworking. I glued up blanks for 4 or 6 spurtles. I can't remember now. Hoping I can finish them all before Mother's Day.

Wife has been cleaning up our backyard some. If it's nice tomorrow I think I have a call I can take and work on the front yard.

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