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3 hours ago, Mick S said:

One of my students will be in that class. Please tell Martha hello for me!

Wish I could be there, too!

Very cool! I will do that

2 hours ago, legenddc said:

Is the floor there littered with the remains of pencils?

From what I have been able to determine Michael has a habit of walking off with pencils and loosing them :)

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Finally got the Dust Deputy cyclone I found used set up. Need a hose to go from the vac to the cyclone, but at least it works. My 3 year old son helped me drill the holes on the bucket lid and vacuum up a bunch while I got shocked from it.

I tried to sneak down later to set up my jointer knives but he caught me and came downstairs. Hard to set them up (for the first time) with a wriggling kid on your lap. I ended up cutting my finger with the non-sharp side of the knife and decided I'll have to try it again when he's asleep.

Thrilled he's taking an interest but I need to come up with some fun easy things for him to do so he doesn't get bored.

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Downloaded a decibel app to see how loud the cicadas are outside my house. Inside it was reading under 50, outside was 78-82 db. Also clocked my shop vac at 85 db and air compressor at 89 db.

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