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12 hours ago, Chestnut said:

Mark, you have a paper filter IIRC in the laguna DC. If yours is pretty new it might not have gotten fully "seasoned". That said based on the work you do, I could see you not needing to clean it every year though it'd still be a good habbit.

I cleaned mine this year. The dust cloud was huge. I made the mistake of doing it on a pretty calm day and the dust just hung around. There was rain in the forecast so I didn't really feel bad. Good reminder as filters should be cleaned regularly. I like the leaf blower in the back yard method.

I don't know what the P-Flux filter is made of, but it is a pleated cannister that is HEPA rated.  With as much sanding as I do I was expecting more dust in the pleats than was actually there.  

I first used a quarter sheet sander as a vibrater to knock off the excess while it was still mounted (Laguna's recommendation).  Then I took it outside and used the leaf blower.   I didn't go for spotless, just de-bulked.

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The new bike tires I ordered came in the mail right before a conference call. Should go without saying that was one of my most productive conference calls.

Forgot to order a kickstand and the bike shop didn't have any. They sure seemed to have a lot of bikes with price tags closer to a nice used car lot.

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