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On 8/4/2022 at 9:39 AM, Ronn W said:

Way back when we did the $100 hamburgers quite often.  Great way to spend some time.  BTW  that's a nice Cherokee.

I'm not a plane guy but the plane does seem very nice.  The previous owner did the paint and interior a few years ago and it looks brand new.  When they bought this plane they took the guy who had cared for it for years as part of the deal :D.  My buddy put a rub mark on the tail pushing it into the stall and the caretaker spotted it right off . . . He told the owner; "you scratched my plane!!!"

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At one time I had just grass in the corner and later I landscaped the whole corner. Because I wasnt using the sprinklers at the time, I  planted a large shrub and lilac.the corner where the shrub is isnt s problem where the lilac is it grew right into the sprinkler. I finally got ot loose enough to pull the sorinkler head out. I use Humter PGP's in there and way too large for flowers and shrubs .



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On 8/4/2022 at 5:24 PM, treeslayer said:

well since i cut my thumb in half and while that heals we did some short trips, St Francis Basilica in Dyresville Iowa, watched a barge at Lock and Dam #11 lock thru, went to a granddaughters baseball game and a very appropriate sign on the fence and lastly the view at the end of our street about 50 yards awayunnamed-1.thumb.jpg.30e035a4f54e35f2cbafd6c6502a46b7.jpg

Awesome pics! I love the sign!!

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Plus, I’ve never seen an infant PFD accepted well by a little one. Typically a lot of squirming and sometimes screaming, so either the little one stays on dry land or there’s not much “feet up” time if they ride along. Maybe you’ll get luckier than us and all of our friends :P

Wasn’t until they got a bit bigger and fit in the toddler size PFD that they were more comfortable and could understand why they need to wear it even though they don’t want to that they started enjoying boat rides and such.  Best is when they fit in the (USCG approved) “puddle jumper.”


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2 hours ago, Mark J said:

I'm not sure the wood will be much good.

Depends on what you consider good. Due to the lightening there could be some really cool impacts on the wood. It might result in a large percentage of loss or waste but how cool would it be to have lightening struck wood?

Maybe I'm too optimistic but all wood can be good wood it just depends on if your willing to do the work to make the wood usable. I can't count how many people that I've meet that HATE boxelder trees. I've changed quite of few of their minds once I show them the unique red flames that can often be present in side the tree.

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Most of the trees around here end up being hollow when they’re cut down. One was filled with concrete. The tree company went through a lot of chains cutting that down!

I was given a turning class for my birthday at Rockler so the next tree that gets cut down I’ll try to save a bunch and make some things. 

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