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My son in law runs the tool repair department at a construction supply company and he says yes, the fuel injected Stihl tools are worth it.  He had to go through a pretty extensive program to be licensed to do their warranty work. The only thing he mentioned is the fuel and oil mix is critical.  He said most of his clients just buy the premixed stuff from Stihl instead of taking the chance at having one of the employees mess up a tool because the weren't mixing properly.  He said that eventually anything from Stihl that is gas powered will be fuel injected.

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33 minutes ago, Chestnut said:

Today i learned that Stihl makes a fuel injected chainsaw....


wonder if they are worth it? This is awesome.

That’s pretty cool.

Did you know that they once made lawnmowers (gas powered, not the newer electric ones), tractors, and go karts?

And to buy a Stihl tool that was manufactured in Germany, it is cheaper to purchase in USA than it is to purchase in Germany. At least this was the case throughout the 2000s.

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I saw that fuel injected saw when it came out in Europe talked about on the Forestry Forum.  They always get them there about a year, and a half before they come here.   Looks like a 12 pound 50cc saw has as much power, and better throttle response than most much larger, heavier saws.  I would love to have one, but not worth $1800 to me. 

The MS460CM is a great saw too, but I don't think they're even supposed to be here for a while yet.  Guys in Canada have been running them for over a year.

My 1999 models, and older, are still running just fine. 

I fixed a 1999 FS85 string trimmer's broken crankcase this week with JB Weld, and it's been running all day for two days since then.  It wasn't broken into the chamber, but two out of three of the tabs that bolt to the clutch housing broke.  That weedeater is 20 years old.  We were talking today, and even at $400, that's 20 bucks a year for the cost of the tool.  I ordered a replacement crankcase half off ebay for 8 dollars, but we needed it running, so I tried the JB Weld.  It will be interesting to see how long it lasts.  The replacement crankcase half just came today.

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14 hours ago, Mark J said:

Tell me that stand alone 3 car is your workshop, or do you have 6 bays?

Correct that's my shop

13 hours ago, Mick S said:

Looks great Paul. I put down 35 bags about a month ago. I knew I had done it before I got out of bed the next day. You can see it below that white stuff we got two days ago!


Wow in May! 

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It's that landscaping time of year. Megan and I decided to do some landscaping around the maple tree in the fround yard. I wanted to make sure the tree was gonna leaf out before i did some work. I plated it last spring and it got assaulted by a buck last fall. I was worried that it wasn't going to make it. So far so good.



Plants were just split off of larger plants that were in another flower bed. I don't think I've ever spent money on a perennial. They are really easy to split/propagate.

The pots and black chunks are space holders for 3 bleeding hearts that i'm going to "rescue" from someone else's yard.


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49 minutes ago, Chestnut said:

Honing your sharping skill enough to get reliable results with a smoothing plan is awesome. It leaves me looking forward to finish prep. No need for hearing protection or a dust mask. It also keeps me warm in my freezing cold shop.


Looks like you have it down :)


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I carved my first spoon! I’ve been wanting to give it a try for a while and finally had the time this evening. The weather was very pleasant so I sat on the porch and carved away. I had previously rough cut a few cherry spoon blanks so that I could get right into it. 

I definitely need more practice but it was fun.



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