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A buddy said he has seen me at the shop - asked me what I was working on.  I said nothing.  Just milling up wood for the heck of it and not really sure what to make.

Then it hit me that maybe I should just be in the sawmill business as I like finding scraps and seeing what they might be. (Maybe there is some Oprah type story about looking beyond the rough exterior?)

Anyway - now I have a stack of this.  About 10" wide 3' to 4' long.



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That's it?!?! That is all the info you are giving us?!?! I have SO many questions!

What is that wood?

Where did you get it?

Are you selling it?

How thick is it?

Do you have a daughter so I can marry into your family and get a family discount on such nice lumber?

What is your milling process?

Why are you such a tease!?!?!?

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Usually called Claro Walnut or California Walnut.  Probably most normal type of Walnut on the West Coast as opposed to English or Black Walnut.

Couple of small mills that harvest salvage trees.  Big stuff usually goes export.  Small stuff I like to pick through.  Not enough for me to sell.  Comes in a wide range of thicknesses.

I think this will be destined to jewelry or other type boxes.

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