Claro crocth walnut

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This was made to hide a problem. A friend got an outrageous deal on discontinued showroom cabinets for his home bar. It was as if it was designed for the space. One exception, there was a small sink in the marble top that could never be plumbed due to location. Entertaining, guests would pour left over drinks that would drain in the cabinet. They wanted to keep the sink for ice and champaign with a bucket below for the ice melt. But the rest of the time they did not want more mess below. It fits on the top nicely. I added to the bottom a piece of wood that fit in the sink hole. That is why there is a hand cutout on the left of the picture so it could be lifted out near the backsplash. 2 breadboard ends. Precious lumber and expensive. I've an affinity to crotch.

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I hear you chestnut. I feel the same. Except, according to your portrait you appear to be much younger than me. I'm old. No telling how long I will be able to continue. It may be a long time I don't know. Either way I'm in the August of my woodworking. Hopefully a very long August. My point is that if I am not using the finer stuff by now I never will be. Certainly all projects will not need figured wood. But that is my focus.  A local famous old man that started a boat building company 70 years ago recently died at 104. The business now  and has been in the hands of his grandson but he kept busy. He painted pictures that were in demand and up to his death was building picture frames for his art. He had a very long august...

A very long time ago I bought some claro from goby. A good source.

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Not using the finer stuff? How much better can you get than what you've posted thus far.

The trouble i'm running into and I'm sure some of you might just point and laugh is how to use some of the exotic woods and still be able to convince the significant other that all this mismatched furniture will still look ok.

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Chestnut, you mis read me. I do use the finer stuff. Some houses have a theme and the furniture matches that theme. Other houses are eclectic. Either one can be done in taste or not. The wall unit I am building now is a very nice house that is eclectic and in good taste.

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