Rolling cabinet thing with a pullout laptop tray

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All solid cherry cabinet, dominos for joinery, lacquer finish. Sides and back panels are cope and stick so it was basically making 3 doors and a face frame then joining them together. Since the bottom is solid too it's 3/4" thick and I ran it around the back cutter bit so it sits in a 1/4" groove with spaceballs and "floats" allowing for movement. Shouldn't be too much movement though since the wood was in the climate controlled shop for about a year and around here in Florida most houses are running ac year round so it won't be experiencing much change in temp/humidity. I put some UHMW tape anywhere the tray contacts the wood when sliding and it's almost ball bearing smooth now. Built it for my aunt and uncle's vacation home so they can keep it in the hallway and roll it into the family room area to use a laptop on the pullout tray to use at the couch. The big casters looked a little goofy to me at first but they're growing on me as it sits in my study waiting for them to get back from vacation and they picked them out anyways. Those huge casters are actually impressive how easy they are to move around especially when bringing it in the house with tile that looks like wood so there are tons of grout lines and it just glides over them, my uncle has the same type of floor so that's a good thing. The cherry has already noticeably darkened in the week since taking these photos so I can't wait to see it in about a year from now. 








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Thanks guys. It's dated but not signed yet because I just ordered one of those custom branding irons from rockler so next time I visit I'll be armed with that lol. My personal preference for cabinets is raised panels and more details but I can definitely appreciate the nice clean look as well and "shaker" style is definitely the trend right now as far as cabinets go. 

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I agree on this design raised panel wouldn’t work it would need more trim details which also means more work so this design worked for me. The back panel was originally going to be like a door with the center stile dying into the top and bottom rails but I don’t remember what I did but I do know that was the result of a screw up somewhere. I did a dry fit the way it is now and didn’t think it looked that bad so I just went with it. As far as the casters go that was really my Aunt's only request lol she wanted a cabinet that rolled on those big industrial looking casters. This was the first time I made something that needed to roll and I do like the idea but I’m not even sure what else I could put on a piece like that. Maybe just smaller versions of those? Also those casters probably weigh as much as the cabinet

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