Veritas Cabinet Maker's Sharpening Set and Truing Stone

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I gave up woodworking for a while after my divorce meant I had to move into an apartment. Cleaning out some old boxes, I found a Veritas Cabinet Maker's sharpening set and Norton truing stone that I purchased, but never used.

The cabinet maker's set is the second one listed on this page:,43072,45936

It includes the Mk II honing guide with instructions. (I might be able to find the box, but can't guarantee it) A 1000/4000 combo waterstone and a small tupperware to store the stone in water.

The truing stone is listed here:,43072,67174&ap=1

Neither were used beyond putting a test edge on one chisel.  Value new is $135.

Asking $80 OBO plus $12 shipping anywhere in the lower 48.  PM me if interested.


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3 hours ago, I B said:

$45 shipped for the MkII

I'm going to try to keep it as a set for a while and see if I can sell it that way. But if I can't, I'll contact you about the MkII.


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