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13 hours ago, Tom King said:

I have never seen aluminum trim down here.  I just checked Home Depot online, and our store says it's unavailable in store, and unavailable to ship to that store.   I know vinyl moves a lot, and can crack if it gets too cold, so it might get too cold for vinyl up there?  It would be interesting to see where the market switches from one, to the other.

Aluminum trim is everywhere up here so i never realized that wasn't the case ever where, but we have vinyl trim and siding as well. It probably is because of the expansion and contraction. It might also be because aluminum can be installed year round with out having to worry about it being brittle.

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I'm about the same latitude here in TN. Aluminum siding used to be popular, but the frequency of hail storms in this area drove it out of favor. I assume there is a similar situation where Tom is.

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14 hours ago, Mark J said:

So why wouldn't aluminum be used in North Carolina?

There could be a disconnect in the logic flow here as Tom referenced availability at a box store. I would never buy from a box store. There are specialty suppliers here that rule that market. It is possible that factors in. Having said that, the closer you get to sun and salt, the less friendly painted aluminum is. What surprises me is that vinyl would be in use. It is super unfriendly as a fascia covering. Solid PVC or other composite trim is used here a bit, as is cedar. Hail is not as much a concern as the vinyl siding as much of it hides behind gutter. If the hail hits a gable end, it could be four pieces of fascia and a whole six square (six hundred square feet) of siding damaged. We are only talking eave coverings here. 

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I did a hack job but i got it all up. Using the track saw to cut the fascia saved me a lot of time and the longest hardest part was setting up and moving the ladders around. If i was doing a house this wouldn't be all that bad. My shed has tress really close on every side but the front and the front is the furthest out of the ground. Leaning over trying to drive a nail 15 feet in the air isn't for anyone afraid of heights.



After i got that done i had to tear out some arborvitae that got destroyed by deer. While i was at it i cleared some of the brush from the tree row. I took 2 trips with the back of my pickup full and my trailer piled 6 feet tall. I could do this another 2 trips and still have a ton of brush to remove.


All i really have left is some earth work around the sides to flatten out the extra soil form the foundation. I also plan on putting rock all the way around to stop dirt from splashing on the sides. The rock will come from the flower beds around the house and i don't have that planned out so it might be next year. So for all intents and purposes i'm done!

3 hours ago, Mark J said:

So why wouldn't aluminum be used in North Carolina?

Probably denting like Ross pointed out but i'm not entirely sure other than cost.... but i've never priced plastic so i don't know if it's cheaper.

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