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Those cutting boards rock! Love the pattern. Looks like some had more species of wood than others. Now I only wish I was family :)

Thanks for the compliment. There were differences in the patterns for sure. I simply tried for 18"x20" cutting boards and came up with 3 patterns from my own whim. I used $180 worth of wood. I found out afterward that these retail for around $200 a for $200 you can be family! LOL

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Nice cutting boards.

What did you use as a finish? For picture #007, what type of wood did you use and what was the widths of them?


I used a mineral oil/carnuba wax from Rockler as a finish. It is food safe and easy for the end user to re-apply. For some reason one who received the boards as a gift uses them. I used walnut, maple and cherry in the boards. Regarding exact widths, I don't remember. I do remember the boards came out approximately 18"x18". I think that except for the first and last piece in each row, the middle pieces were the same width. I think the piece of cherry that ends the row started out as the same width too until I did a final trim in the table saw. The piece of maple that started the row was a 1"x3/4" piece if I remember correctly. From there you'll just have to proportion out the pieces. I hope this helps!

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Very nice work, The first ones I did had trouble getting them to line up perfectly. Yours look absolutely straight on. Great job!

Thanks Shawn. My boards did come out straight, but I don't know that I put any extra effort into it. Maybe it was beginner's luck? :) My biggest frustration with the boards are the recipients. I made 4 as you can see from the for my mom/dad, brother-in-law/sister, grandmother, my wife's mom/dad. NO ONE WILL USE THE BOARDS! They all refuse to cut on them.

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Beautiful cutting boards Jay. I got the same response from my recipients about not wanting to actually use them. I told them they could use one side and turn them over to show the other side...but nope...most of the people I've given them to just put them up like a piece of art!!! LOL I think it's very sweet. I've made a few extras for my Mom/Dad and Grandparents so that they can feel free to use one and display the others!!! Cutting boards do make great gifts...especially wedding gifts when you just can't think of anything else to give. I've had the newlyweds names engraved on the cutting board too, which adds a nice personal touch!!! Happy woodworking my friend! ~Sunshine Gerl

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