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I’ve recently received a couple surprise packages from Amazon. After calling customer service and providing some information from the shipping label, we learned that they were mistakes. 

One box had a duplicate shipping label for an item we did order and had already received, but inside were several Moana themed items that some little girl was probably sad hadn’t arrived. 

The other was a total mystery, and they couldn’t tell me who ordered it. (I’ve run into this a lot lately, since they have stopped including packing slips by default. When someone sends a gift, they have to include a gift message and write who it was from for the recipient to have any idea. Some customer service reps will “tell you without telling you” who ordered it, some will not.)


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That reminds me of a similar story that I read recently.  A couple, on nearly a daily basis, was receiving random items being shipped to them from Amazon.  They didn't order them, and weren't being charged for the items.  What is thought to be happening is it is a fake review company buying these items, enabling to put positive "I bought this" reviews on the item, to get them to show higher in Amazon's product listings.

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A few months back we received some sort of silicone grill pad we'd never even heard of.   I couldn't find any orders it was possibly related to and had no way to return it.   So we gave it to goodwill.   On the other hand I ordered a charging cable for a phone, and received a replacement battery for an iphone instead.   But that was tied to an order and they'd just sent the wrong part.   So I was able to return it and they sent the right thing.

My worst experience was one night I was using my phone and I clicked on a link from a forum posting for a set of  industrial filters someone had installed on the dust collector and I just wanted to see what they were.   I must have hit "buy now" because the next morning I got an email that they were processing my order.   I scrambled to cancel that before it shipped as I had no use for $300 in air filters.   Thank goodness the cancellation worked.


So be careful looking at Hofman jointers on amazon. :-)

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On 4/11/2018 at 7:48 AM, Tom King said:

I think I'll say out loud, "maybe we should order a Hofman jointer".

Hey don't stop with "wishing" for  just the one.  You gotta a lotta friends on this forum. 

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22 hours ago, Tom King said:

It was not charged to us any kind of way, and does not show up in our "orders" list.

That is weird. My wife just brought up the other day that a woman on her cockatoo forum has an African Grey who learned how to talk to the Amazon echo and ended up reordering something without permission. 

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