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I'm starting to do more bowl turning and the older Craftsman chisel (which I think is Carbon steel, not HSS) set I have just isn't cutting it (pun intended), so i'm looking to upgrade a few of my chisels.  I plan on picking up at the very least a new 3/4 skew and 3/8 fingernail bowl/spindle gouges.  I was looking at the Sorbys and came across another brand- Hurricane.  They all seem to be getting good reviews and cost half as much.  Just wondering if anyone has any experience with their tools.  I'm not adverse to spending the money on the better tool if the difference is worth it, but it really needs to be worth the difference.


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On 4/20/2018 at 9:26 PM, thatCharlieDude said:

I have several hurricane chisels and I really like them. They hold an edge well, the tool is a good length and feels good in the hand. I think you'll be happy with them. 

I second that.  I have one of their bowl gouges, and I added a fingernail grind to it.  One of my favorite gouges. 

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So I was finally able to put my new chisels to work and all I can say is :o.  I knew that the old ones weren't the best, but my goodness what a difference.  90% of the work I did with just the bowl gouge and man what a difference.  No more rough end grain.  I was able to take both heavy cuts to take out huge chips and smooth the surface shearing off gossamer wisps.  The only time I used another chisel was to square up the corners inside of the bowl- for that I used my carbide rougher and the new scraper- and that, too, was a dream.

Well, I know what my next purchase is gonna be... https://www.amazon.com/Hurricane-Turning-Tools-Woodturning-Standard/dp/B008DH96E8/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1527793652&sr=8-7&keywords=Skew+chisel

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