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Every now and then, typically when browsing the big box stores, I find a board that has gone so horribly wrong I swear that they can't possibly expect someone to pay good money for it.  Alas, they still wanted full price for this:


What crazy boards have you found?

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I'd be happy if the sticks that are going to end up wonky, start off that way on the rack.

Some of my worst offenders came from some 4/4 A. Mahogany. They started a full inch thick but after beginning milling, I found that they were extremely unstable.  Jointed edges with a 1"bow, after sitting overnight after milling session 1, every single board had bowed and warped so badly I never used any of them. 

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1 hour ago, AceHoleInOne said:

Yah...I never understood why they keep those shity sticks and plywood in the pile. Always on top -- in the way.



Depends on the store and manager. We had a cull box in every length material and when we saw boards that got picked over they got pulled and were cut into smaller sizes. Our dpt manager get that though. Often they'd pallet up a bunch of 2 foot lengths and sell the whole lot for dirt cheap. Often cheaper than firewood. Ply was basically the same thing. They sold the cut down sheets for more than a full sheet so often it was encouraged to keep the potato chips cut down. Again i worked at a good store with a manager that got it.

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16 hours ago, Bombarde16 said:

Old thread, but still a good place to snap and share. Some of these are glorious!

Those are some mighty impressive irregularities.  thanks for sharing them.  Got my giggle for the morning.

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