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On 8/4/2018 at 5:05 PM, Mick S said:

I hear you, Rick. I've thought about you often the last few weeks. Alison had 3 grand mal seizures in one day a few weeks ago, out of the blue. Never had one before and it's been an adjustment trying to figure out our new reality. She can't drive for 6 months and is still very wobbly. But in the grand scheme, we're lucky, and coming down here helps.

Mick, our thoughts and prayers are with you and Rick and your brides. 

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In my new job that I will start next month I get 25 days + 8 statutory ones (Christmas day, boxing day, new years day and 5 what we call bank holidays) every year. That is pretty standard in the UK for everybody in work. The new job also allows you to buy an extra 10 days a year. Not many companies do that so I will get 43 days vacation every year - wahoo! And weekends of course. Mucho woodworking time.


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12 hours ago, Spanky said:

Chestnut, have you parked your boat on the wrong side of town? It has graffetti on it. :)

That'd be an insult to grafiti artists around here they do far better looking work :lol:. The previous owner wanted to try their hand at painting it camo for duck hunting. Their bad camo = cheaper boat for me.

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It's my whole house burglary protection. They see a cheap junky vehicle and assume I'm poor. :P I suppose the boat will cover that now. My poor neighbors that boat is ugly.

Complete laziness. I need to get rid of it because its in the dang way. There are companies that will come tow it away and hand me $100 but my evenings have been very packed until 7pm and i want to be home when they tow it away.

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I was over 100 ft from a bison in Yellowstone when it decided to do a little charge towards me. Thankfully I was 10 ft from the car !

Some guy bought a farm and there was a meteorite on the porch being used as a doorstop. Farmer said they saw it fall and dug it up. He said it fell here so it goes with the the farm. Years later they took it to a meteorite guy to see what they could tell him about it. It was worth $100,000 !

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Used to tent camp but the years don't allow sleeping on the ground. We were at a conference last week and stayed at a Hilton Garden Inn. No more campgrounds or budget motels for us. Any camper, RV, or houseboat still requires cooking, cleaning, etc. Not much vacation for SWMBO.

I knew a guy whose idea of roughing it was staying in a motel with a black-and-white TV.

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