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2 hours ago, RichardA said:

Mick,   Allison, Freedhardwood's wife Vera and My wife, get a prayer sent at least once a day, but in truth, they go up everytime I think of one or the other, and that'a very  often... It's not easy being without those you care most about, and I  can't say it gets easier.  For me it doesn't.  But I send word up daily.  Hang on young'un. Life finds a way, so I'm told.

i could not have said it better Rick, such great support on here

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6 hours ago, Mick S said:

One of my favorite places I've ever been. I picked up Alison's ashes and death certificates this morning, two weeks after doing the paperwork.

Thanks for this. I will let my dad know. It is good to know that may be normal. This park is like no other. It is far from home, but I will consider it any time I am close in the future. 

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