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Welcome to the forms John.  These are some nice first projects.

37 minutes ago, AnonymousAccountant said:

I may create a project journal for the build, depending on how harsh you all are in this thread 

Don't be shy on us.  Journals help you learn, and they help us learn.  Even showing mistakes and how they happened and how you fixed them is a learning experience for all.

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Great stuff John! John?

I find myself in a very similar spot as you are. Zero woodworking background, then an online woodworker, then only in the last year or two I started making stuff. Lots and lots and lots of learning from my mistakes. In fact, with how many mistakes I have made you would think I would be a master craftsman by now.

Don't be scared of making a build journal. I am very much a beginner and everyone on these forums has been very kind and encouraging and helpful to me, even though I am sure they are looking at their screens, shaking their heads and saying "Oh, bless his heart".

Keep up the great work and I hope to see more of it around these forums.

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John, I see a theme in your post, which most of us fail to admit often enough. Learning from our projects is a process that never really ends. I think you are off to a fine start, and encourage you to share your work here as much as possible. Don't be afraid to ask for opinions, either. We have a million of them!


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I’m quite lucky. She has been very supportive of this hobby, and wants me to upgrade to a SawStop (she works in the ER and has seen people come in with fingers in a jar). She hasn’t at all objected to my tool purchases, though I do try to be pretty frugal. 


I’ve come to realize that one of my big sources of mistakes comes from changing my plans on the fly. Except for the little step stool, I have made full plans for my projects in advance (AutoCad, Sketchup, and more recently some Fusion360). I print out the plans, part list, and cut lists to keep out in the shop as I’m building it. However, I always get part way into the project and then start making little changes, and not because of issues or constraints that arise. Sometimes I forget why I chose to do something a specific way, or sometimes for no real reason at all. Then I get further along in the project and realize that there was indeed a reason my plans were done that way. I end up having a cascade of changes or having to remake parts to get back on track. 

Is that a common issue with you all? Do I just need to slow down a bit and make myself follow my original plans? Or do you just get better at adapting plans as you go?

I appreciate all the kind encouragement and feedback!

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